We are here for you

We are here for you

What do we do?

We are a charity organization that rehabilitates families to secure their future:

How does it work?

House Renovations

Upon receiving your application, we review the list of renovations. Our volunteers will be called in to execute the work quickly and professionally.

Furniture and Appliances

Once you have been evaluated, we begin a nationwide collection of furniture and appliances from donors.

Consultation and Guidance

Upon receiving thee application, we determine your needs and provide solutions from our organization’s resources. If we cannot remedy the problem, we recommend you to the relevant party.

Families tell their stories

“After a blaze that completely destroyed our home we turned to “Rebuild Lives”. They provided us with all our electrical appliances. We felt great compassion from their assistance. What humanity! What goodness! Thank you.”

Eli and Yarden

“After suffering greatly through a painful period in our lives, we knew we needed home furnishings. We applied to “Rebuild Lives”. With their help we received furniture for our home. We are full of gratitude! Thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

The Richman Family

“It was a wonderful comfort! From the moment that we contacted “Rebuild Lives” their help, every step of the way, enabled us to rehabilitate our family.  Thank you so much!”

Billy and Neromema

Shall we contact you?

We are here for you!